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Modern Black & White Removable Wallpaper, Wall Paper Rolls, Large Wall Art, Self Adhesive Tile Wall Art, Geometric Temporary Wallpaper

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For any custom solutions - just ask! :)

Note: Wallpaper will come marked by the sequence, you will have to find numbers on each roll and match them. Independently cut wallpaper is customers responsibility.

Pattern repeat depends on the design. No overlaps are needed. For custom pattern dimensions please contact us.

PEEL & STICK (Removable)

▸ Self-adhesive material;

▸ Fabric like canvas texture gives luxurious feel;

▸ PVC Free;

▸ 100% PET;

▸Damage free;

▸Eco-friendly materials and original Epson ECO inks with the ISO certificate for use indoors, schools, kindergartens, hotels;

▸Water resistant (BUT, avoid direct exposure to water).


▸Smooth matte finish, non-woven wallpaper;

▸You will have to buy a special wallpaper glue;

▸Installation will be permanent.


We will prepare your order as quick as possible, usually in 1-3 business days. After that, delivery times are 2-6 business days to the EU and the US, and 4-7 business days to Canada.

If shipping is carried out during big holidays, it may take a bit more time to be delivered. Our advice – order in advance!


▸Your new wallpaper,

▸Installation guide,

▸All orders except samples come with a squeegee,

▸Discount coupon for future purchases!


Our removable wallpaper can be applied to a wide range of FLAT surfaces. They are 100% opaque, completely covering whatever is underneath.

Avoid installing wallpaper over washable, non-stick, or scrubbable paints. These paints are crafted to prevent things from sticking including wallpaper. If in doubt, prime your walls with a flat white primer. For best results, apply wallpaper to a surface that is a solid, light color. If your wall has been recently painted, allow at least 4+ weeks for the paint to cure before applying wallpaper. Applying wallpaper over uncured paint can lead to bubbling. Our wallpaper will not stick to cement or textured walls.

All materials are durable and designed to be installed by moms, DIY-ers and even your teenager can do it. This application is perfect for renters and your growing family.

As your mood changes so can your design.


▸ Freshly painted walls ~ wait at least 4 weeks before installing wallpaper;

▸ Dirty or dusty, mold or mildew ~ clean well and allow walls to dry for at least 24 hours;

Order a sample to test your wall! ;)

With lots of care,

Paperskin team

Material: Our wallpaper is safe for use on most textured walls and paint finishes with proper wall preparation. Material is 100% opaque and will hide dark paint. Heavy texture, matte sheen paint and freshly painted walls should be avoided. Order a sample to test.